ActumCrypto is a tokenized blockchain, meaning it can support many tokens/cryptocurrencies. It also has zero transaction fees. ActumCrypto uses semi-round-robin mining to lower the chance of majority control, as it is heavily decentrilized.

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ActumCoin is the native cryptocurrency of the ActumCrypto system. It can be used like USD or EUR to purchase goods and services. It can also be used in a core smart contract type, an atomic exchange, which exchanges a set amount of one Actum token for another Actum tokens.


Actum wallets are a secure way to store ActumCoin and other Actum tokens. The core Actum wallet, ActumWallet, has the ability to store, send and receive ActumCoin and other Actum tokens.

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Mining is a process of authenticating transactions on a blockchain. In return, a miner is granted small amounts of a cryptocurrency. ActumMiner is the official software for mining the Actum blockchain. Since all Actum tokens are on the same blockchain, they are all mined together however, payouts are in ActumCoin.

Since the ActumCrypto system uses a modified version of round-robin mining, all miners are granted a fair chance at mining a block, and earning ActumCoin. Also, the more blocks a miner has mined in the past, the more they will earn for mining a new block.

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Why ActumCrypto isn't a startup (and why other cryptocurrencies shouldn't be one either)

Ryan Shane - 2018-03-30

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