ActumMiner Help

Installing and Running

1. Download ActumMiner here.

2. Make sure you have an up to date JRE installed. If not, download one here.

3. Double click on actumminer-1.0.0.jar to run it.

Setting Output Address

1. Make sure you have ActumMiner installed.

2. Run ActumMiner. If this is your first time running it, a dialog box will appear. If not, click set address, and the dialog will appear.

3. Paste your wallet address into the text box and click "Ok".

4. If this was your first time running ActumMiner, you may need to restart the program.

Starting and Stopping Mining

1. Make sure you have ActumWallet installed and open.

2. Click "Start Mining" to start mining.

3. If you are already mining, you can click "Stop Mining" to stop mining.