Basics of ActumCrypto

ActumCrypto is a blockchain system, where you can transfer digital tokens and cryptocurrencies. ActumCrypto is tokenized, meaning anyone can create as many tokens/cryptocurrencies as they want.

What is Actum?

Actum is another name used to refer to certain parts of the ActumCrypto blockchain. For example, they are Actum tokens, but they are on the ActumCrypto blockchain.

Mining on ActumCrypto

ActumCrypto uses round-robin mining, meaning that almost everyone gets a turn to mine a block before someone mines twice. Also, the more blocks you have mined, the more ActumCoin you get in return.


ActumCrypto allows for many tokens to be created and passed around on one blockchain. The default/native token is ActumCoin. Anyone can create more tokens.

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