Why ActumCrypto isn't a startup (and why other cryptocurrencies shouldn't be one either)


Several people have already assumed that ActumCrypto is a startup. While that is wrong, it's not their... Read More

Getting closer to release!


ActumCrypto is nearing release! I have implemented the loyalty functionality, as discussed in a recent... Read More

Weekly Dev Notes!!


This week was a bit uneventful in development, with me only finishing up the whitepaper and the SHA3... Read More

ActumCrypto Whitepaper Finished!!!


I have finished writing the whitepaper for ActumCrypto! I published it here.... Read More

Weekly Dev Notes


This week in development, I have done a number of things: created a mobile version of the website, finished... Read More

Sneak Peak at ActumWallet!


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Actum Wallet Completed!


The official Actum wallet (called ActumWallet) version 1.0.0 has been completed. This puts ActumCrypto... Read More

News Page Added!

2018-02-13 has gone through an update today! A new news page has been added,... Read More